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When a covert, temporary or augmentation of an existing alarm monitoring is required Walford Security has a highly cost effective solution.

The wireless mark 1 portable alarms sense body heat movement and can be placed strategically in or out of doors and disguised or hidden on your premises. When activated Walford Security receives a direct signal and will respond. Being silent, a perpetrator will not know an alarm has been activated rendering the likelihood of apprehension more probable.

These alarms are repositionable being fully transportable and light weight. No external power supply is required, each unit is self contained. Ideal for use in entrance lobbies, corridors, high security areas, stock rooms, tool stores, building sites or anywhere at risk.

The mark 2 version alarm additionally senses smoke and moisture and is ideal for use in empty properties, new build projects or areas at risk of flooding or fire. There is also a facility to include sensor pads to the flooring so that movement within any environment can be monitored.

These units are installed by Walford Security and can be rented weekly.