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Walford Security provides 24 hour a day key holding services to a diverse client group. Knowing that your premises can be accessed quickly in the event of an alarm or emergency helps protect valuable assets and reduces the potential of loss. Our residential service offers the same level of response to householders 24 hours a day, so if you are away from your home you will know that a professional service will respond.   This service may be booked for short periods such as holidays or on a longer term basis so you can be safe in the knowledge that your property is protected in your absence. On alarm activation we will attend and investigate, secure the premises, liaise with the emergency services and instigate emergency repairs if required. A written report of the event is always provided.







Loss prevention and protection is our primary goal however caused. Walford Security high visibility signage acts as a further deterrent and provides the public with a point of contact should a concern exist, but is only used in consultation with our customers.

Walford Security also provides escort services to lone or vulnerable workers when called out to unoccupied buildings especially during the hours of darkness. With health and safety concerns being very much at the forefront and the onus of ‘duty of care’ becoming more evident this is a valuable service to all employers. We also operate a service where employees can book on and off a site with ourselves ensuring that they are not at risk from intruders, ill health or accident and are safely off site and have reached a place of safety, usually their home. Should a worker not make contact within an agreed time parameter we will raise an alarm and investigate. We can also provide panic alarms linked to our communications system.