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Walford Security’s mobile patrols can provide a comprehensive internal and external patrol service during the silent hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Building Maintenance Systems can be inspected through scheduled visits throughout the night when the site is left vacant. Keeping watch over business premises can be a stressful job at times. When you leave each night, the business is a potential target for any would be intruder. Even with the most stringent of security measures in place, you can never guarantee that you will return the following day to find everything as you had left it. The impact on your business can be devastating! Mobile Patrols can help your business.

We can agree a programme of patrols which, rather than working to specific times, will be random by nature. In this way we ensure that our visits are unpredictable, a big risk for anyone thinking about causing damage to your sites. And because we are visiting your sites when you are not there we may discover situations, which if left to persist, could have significant effects on your ability to work properly the next day such as flooding, fuel leaks etc and implement appropriate action. Every customer signing up to a Walford Security patrol service will be given a set of clearly visible signs. Research has shown, that signage strategically placed around a site can warn off even the most persistent of criminals. If you would like any further information about Mobile Patrols or any of our other services please contact us.